Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Active Listening: Jason Ng(13)

1. Do you find yourself speaking up too soon?

2. If so, how can you clear your mind to fully listen?
    I can by stopping myself from speaking up my point first so that I can process my thoughts more carefully first so that I will not say things that are irrelevant to the lesson.

3. Do you ever find yourself wanting to jump in because you are eager to share?
    Yes, especially when I know the subject very well.

4. How can you channel your excitement into listening and wait for the proper opportunity to share?
    I can do so by waiting for someone to finish a point and then adding on to the idea.

5. What else can you do to prepare for conversations with others?
    I can think of what the other person is going to say and then think of appropriate answers to the topic.

6. Can we ask them up front what we are looking for?
    Yes, as that way, we can understand the topic better instead of slowly investigating into the idea and taking a very long time.

7. How does it make you feel to be cut off in the middle of your thought?
    It makes me feel offended as it usually takes me a very long time to recollect my thoughts.

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