Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Active Listening - Bennett Neoh

Do you every find yourself speaking up too soon?


If so, how can you clear your mind to fully listen?

I actually clear my thoughts away and try to concentrate to listen to what the speaker is talking about.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to jump in because you are eager to share?


How can you channel your excitement into listening and wait for the proper opportunity to share?

You can actually wait patiently for the speaker to finish what he wants to say then after that point out what I actually wanna say

What else can you do to prepare for conversations with others?

I can actually think beforehand so that I will be calm and not interrupt the speaker.

Can we ask them up front what they are looking for?

Yes we can

How does it make you feel to be cut off in the middle of your thought?

It is actually frustrating when I am thinking about what I want to say but then I actually can't recall what i actually want to say at the end of the day.

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