Thursday, 14 March 2013

Characterisation (Reflecton)

Dear young ladies an gentlemen

(1) Through the recent activity of doing the character map and conducting an interview with Ian Rellik(Renwick) and Jacob, what have you learnt about characterization?

(2) Does characterisation on films/videos differ from that on paper/writing?


  1. 1) I learnt that characterization is important in a story as it can actually mislead thoughts and twist the story, leaving us in suspension. (e.g. The Hitchhiker) Characterization in writing form is different from characterization in films/videos. Characterization in writing form is build up bit by bit through behaviors, incidents, appearance and even emotions. (Description) Whereas characterization in film is build up through the tone, facial expression and even the action of the character that is being acted out. (Act as character)
    2) Yes.

    1. 1. Characterization does not only have to be in their appearance but also in the way they speak and behave which gives you an impression on you of their character. But you can also use it to your advantage like Jacob where all along you believed he was a certain person when in the end it was all uncovered where he really was a insane criminal.

      2. Yes. The characters in movies are able to portray what the person looks like because you can actually see them unlike with words where you must picture what they might look like but there is a beauty in that too in the fact that everyone reads the same book but each person will have their own personal feeling about it unlike movies where it is so digested for you that when the actor feels sad, you also feel sad and when the are happy, you are too. Also, movies make a larger impact on you as you somehow remember pictures better than words, especially when it is a action packed scene of Jacob kicking someone out of the door.

  2. 1.I learnt that characterization is not only the way one look but also the emotion , tone , facial expression , language displayed. I also learnt that what shown on film or video is different from reading a script or a book. For text u are free to imagine how the character is and how it behaves but for a film , its shown to us already. I also learnt that characterization is very important as it determines how the character is and how u think of the story.


  3. 1) I have learnt about characterisation that it is one of the most important elements in the story which leds the readers to experience and imagine how the person/ object looks like.

    2) Yes

  4. 1. I learnt that Characterization does not only apply to what a character wears or their appearance but also the way they speak, the tone and the way they express themselves. For example, the way Jacob, a mentally ill person would speak differently from Rellik, a normal man.

    2. Yes. Characterization on paper is limited to the appearance and dialogue of a character while chracterization on films and videos, you can hear the tone of how a character speaks and expresses himself or herself. What's more, picture speaks a thousand words, :)

  5. 1) Characterisation is people's body action dressing and speach.