Thursday, 15 August 2013

Handout 2

Handout 2

The following news article “The woman behind the man behind Facebook” from The Straits Times has been jumbled up. Can you rearrange them? Explain your answers by highlighting the relevant textual evidence.

1.    She later described her first impression of him as "this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there".

2.    The couple currently has one white fluffy dog named Beast that comes from a breed of small Hungarian sheepdogs called Puli. AGENCIES

3.     Ms Chan finished her biology degree in Harvard in 2007, then taught science to fourth and fifth graders at the Harker School in San Jose, California, for a year. She then joined the University of California, San Francisco medical school where she studied paediatrics.

4.    One of the top rules was "one date per week, a minimum of 100 minutes of alone time, not in his apartment and definitely not at Facebook".

5.    Her Facebook profile says that she loves cooking and working with children.

6.    In September 2010, she was asked by Mr Zuckerberg to move in to his rented house in Palo Alto.

7.    She first met the future Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2003, while they were waiting in a queue for the bathroom at a party hosted by his fraternity in Harvard University.

8.    In March last year, she updated her status on Facebook to "In a relationship with Mark Zuckerberg".

9.    Ms Priscilla Chan, 27, is a Chinese-American who grew up in Braintree, Massachusetts.

10. She had strict rules for their relationship, according to technology writer Sarah Lacy.

11. That year, Mr Zuckerberg also accompanied her on a trip to China; even studying Mandarin beforehand so that he could communicate with her family.

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